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You will often hear tuning companies and car tuners going on about stage 1, 2 and 3 mods.


What are these different stages and what do they mean? We hate to shatter the illusion but they are, in the main, fairly meaningless terms if applied to power gains and cannot reliably be used to explain how much power a modification adds. There is no consistent difference in part makers between their classifications of stage 1 stage 2 and stage 3 mods. So let's cut through these over generalisations of the terms and explain what most car modifiers and tuners would put in each tuning stage.

Well there are some points that one should bear in mind that differentiate between a "typical" mod in each stage. A stage 1 modification can be added in isolation.

This means that a true stage 1 modification part does not require any other engine modifications to get it to work. Whilst other mods can help to raise the power gains and realize the full potential of the mod they are not mandatory.

These are at the bottom end of the tuning scene in terms of the overall benefits you will get. Stage 1 mods are generally a straightforward DIY fit and should work on a standard engine that is in good condition.

These stage 2 mods offer larger power gains than stage one but will usually require additional work or other parts if you want them to work reliably. Some of the examples listed in stage 1 can also be regarded as stage 2 mods if they are extreme in their ambition. A stage 2 mod is usually a DIY fit but many will require specialist knowledge and tools.

Addition of a larger or hybrid turbo requires a remap and fuelling upgrades as well as potential engine strengthening. Supercharger kits these need air intake, exhaust and mapping modifications before they can work at all.

A stage 3 modification is regarded by most as a track day or motor sport modification. Like stage 2 mods they will also need other mods to support them but they are usually far from ideal for road use as we will explain. Take racing brakes for example. These can tolerate extremely high temperatures but they are pretty useless whilst cool. On the road you can't afford to have to wait for the brakes to warm up before they operate effectively.

On the track they will run hot through each lap. An aggressive cam profile will also move the power band right up the rev range and cause a very lumpy tick over making the car hard to drive in day to day traffic.

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Heavy duty clutches can be off or on in their nature and make driving in slow traffic nearly impossible. A stage 3 race modified car will also need to be regularly overhauled and serviced. The extra strain put on the cars engine will result in premature engine wear and if a car is used on a daily basis it will become very unreliable.

So to summarize stage 3 mods are the most aggressive and not the sort of thing you want to do on a road car. You will also need to bear in mind that some tuning companies will just box their parts in packs labelled stage 1,2 and 3 and maybe even 4 or 5.The files related to the development of the Stage 1 and Stage 2 tunes are located in this directory.

Left is the delta from a stock tune for the values that were changed, and the right are the resultant values being used. On the left is the changed values relative to a stock baseline, and on the right is the resultant table values. The table below was changed earlier, I forgot to mention it previously, KFMLDMX is raised to give some more headroom with the potential extra airflow now being generated. These are the changes that were made and that are in now place with the development tune:.

LDRXN has also been slightly tweaked, increasing the and rpm places by the values shown below. Another change that was made that I previously neglected to mention was an increase in KFLDHBN, the maximum requested pressure ratio, which should be raised since the tune is requesting more boost and therefore has a higher pressure ratio than stock.

The images shown above are from the development phase. The Stage 2 tune has been completed, to ensure no changes that were made following the screen shots above being taken I am showing below the final settings that I used. This tune initially boosts to around psi and then tapers steadily to psi by rpm. The target AFR throughout is For those that wish to compare their changes to those that I have made, here is a link to the binary file for the final version of the Nefmoto Community tune that I have been driving with.

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It uses the stock EGT sensors. These are the changes that were made and that are in now place with the development tune: LDRXN has also been slightly tweaked, increasing the and rpm places by the values shown below. Go to top.Dev Blog. General Discussion. Noob Zone. Noob Questions. Are you a noob? Ask your question here! There are no dumb questions, just bad answers!

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Pretty URLs adds 0s, 0q. Introductions Introduce yourself here. General Discussion Discussion of anything unrelated to technical engine tuning. Last post by nyet in Re: Fuel pressure woes.It is the easiest and best supported method. You will need a cheap flashing cable. If you already have an aftermarket tune from a commercial tuner, it is likley that they will have disabled the ability to read using this method.

In this case or if something goes wrong and you can no longer connect using NefMoto, you will need to have a Galletto Flashing Cable to hopefully rescue the ECU in boot mode a lower level protocol. To change your ECU tune will require map editing software. Tunerpro is a free map editor. WinOLS is a more expensive map editor. Most non-professionals use TunerPro. TunerPro will need a definition file.

This tells TunerPro where the various maps and relevant data are in the file. Many are works in progress; if you find an error please let the author know. You will need knowledge of which maps perform what tasks and what data should be changed.

ME7 Tuning Information

Read the S4Wiki. Your ECU file has several internal checksums that need to be updated when the file is altered. If these checksums are incorrect the car will not start. Or worse, it may start once or twice and catch the invalid checksum and leave you stranded.

A lot of guys carry around a spare known working ECU as insurance. More info about checksums: Andy Whittaker's site. Please help give back by providing your feedback and helping others. Dev Blog. Getting Started From Nefmoto. Jump to: navigationsearch. Views Page Discussion View source History. Personal tools Log in. Navigation Main page Recent changes Random page Help.Welcome to world's most trustworthy automotive forum.

Automotive Tuning. Thread Rating: 1 Vote s - 4 Average 1 2 3 4 5. Reputation: 0. Hi fellow tuners. I have tuned lots of diesel engines but have very little knowledge of petrol ecus and was hoping someone could point me in the direction of a good guide which can show me what maps should be edited and in which way ie torque limit smoke limit etc. Or possibly a well tuned file i can use for comparison.

I don't want a free file to use just for analysis. Car in question is a audio tt 1. Reputation: Reputation: 7. The document posted in the post above will help a lot and the forum has enough info to help you if you get stuck. Author: tunningmania1. Replies: Last Post by jejevfr.

Replies: 7. Last Post by JustJames.

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Help with nefmoto script ME7. Replies: 4. Audi A3 8P 3. Replies: 1. Users browsing this thread:. As such, it is not acceptable whatsoever to publish any software that is bound by any legal restriction. MHH Auto greatly appreciates the cooperation from members on this critical issue. MHH is incompatible with Internet explorer! All rights reserved.If your car model is included, then only get this with intention to upload a predefined optimized map with 1-click of a mouse button.

Only purpose of Galletto is to load it's preloaded optimized map file to your car. That's it! Yes you can restore to original status if you don't like the results. This Galletto cable and a laptop computer are all you need to improve the performance of your vehicle dramatically and noticeably. By reading and writing data to your car's engine control units ECUyou can achieve better initial acceleration, more responsiveness with relatively little throttle input in all gears, gains on power and torque throughout the entire rev range, and overall improvements in your vehicle's brake horsepower BHPtorque, and power.

Tuning your engine with this cable is the best way to give your vehicle the performance of a new car without the price tag of one. These improvements reduce the need to change down unnecessarily and allow you to overtake safely and quickly.

Your car will be more powerful, more responsive, and more fuel efficient throughout the whole rev range. After just a short time of use, this cable will effectively pay for itself in the gas money you save.

Plus, driving will be much more fun! Using this cable and the included software is easy. Install the software on the provided disc.

nefmoto tuning

And you're good to go! You can now easily read and write data to your car's ECU with the user friendly software.

What is the difference between stage 1, 2 and 3 tuning?

Bora 1. Caddy 1. A to 12 volts, see PDF in doc.

nefmoto tuning

Alfa 1. A to 12 volts Alfa 1.

Getting Started

A to 12 volts Alfa 2. A to 12 volts Alfa GTV 1. A to 12 volts Alfa GTV 2. A to 12 volts Alfa GTV 3. A to 12 volts Alfa Spider 1. A to 12 volts Alfa Spider 2. A to 12 volts Alfa Spider 3. A to 12 volts. Add to Wish List Add to Compare.However, it is good to have Galletto software and cable handy to rescue a "bricked" ECU using boot mode. It is possible to make most non-Galletto bundled FTDI USB based cables work with the Galletto software, but it requires hex editing the executable so that the software looks for [1] [2] or alter the serial number stored in the cable using MProg.

One downside to using a boot mode flasher is that it cannot clear the "Error is P Internal Control Module - Memory Checksum error.

nefmoto tuning

If you plan on doing any flashing, it is strongly recommended to always have a bootmode setup available in case you brick your ECU. There is a bug in the K box file [7] which forces you to connect only once the car is running. The acronyms are Bosch's Motronic map names from the Funktionsrahmen.

Always start with this first. If you get fueling wrong, you will likely break something. Get this right, and do not try pushing the envelope in any tables until you are confident your fueling is where you want it. Always use a wideband sensor.

VW Mk4 me7 ecu flashing for free

Do not skimp on this. The stock narrow bands do not provide you with accurate enough readings. If you are running a BOV that vents to atmosphere, throw it away. It allows metered air to escape the intake and will cause many unsolvable fueling problems. If you are using stock injectors and fuel pump, you should not have to touch this. Note that the factor is wrong should be 0. XDF map packs [9]. For those, you will need to fix the factor so it is 0.

Some argue that using a different MAF housing to extend the functional metered flow range requires you to fix this so that measured load is "correct". The upside is that all of Motronic's tables that are based on load are probably still good. The downside is that you can't do any fine tuning of regions that are past the end of the axis data, so even if you don't ride the hard MAF limit, you'll run off the end of the load axis in the timing tables and everywhere else.

Some say this isn't so much of an issue. Note that KFLF's description as "lambda" is a misnomer. It is not lambda at all. It is an injector on time scaling table where larger numbers are longer injector time, smaller numbers are shorter injector time.

This will ensure that if you unplug the MAF or it fails, the car will run properly in alpha-n. To check WOT fueling you must have 3rd party wide band sensors installed. However, it can also be used when TVUB isn't enough to correct for non-linear injectors or other non-linearity in the fuel system. If you are running really big injectors, and you are running rich no matter how much you turn down KRKTE, you may need to reduce the minimum injector on time.

If you did not properly scale your MAF, and you are getting a rough idle but aren't seeing idle misfires, it could be because your load at idle is too low, inhibiting misfire detection. Scale your MAF properly, or decrease your misfire recognition load threshold.

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